Shawn Guests on This Movie Saved My Life Podcast!!!

Frequent Elements of Horror contributor Professor John Trafton and Photographer Extraordinaire Miles Fortune have a podcast everyone should check out called This Movie Saved My Life. This week, John and Miles welcome The Horror Vision’s own Shawn C. Baker on as a guest to discuss all things Horror, with a particular focus on 1998’s Fallen with Denzel Washington and John Goodman!

A Most Horrible Library

Welcome back to A Most Horrible Library! This week, Shawn and Chris dive into Laird Barron’s newest Isaiah Coleridge novel The Wind Began to Howl (Bad Hand Books), The Bone Orchard Mythos: Tenement from Jeff Lemire & Andrea Sorrentino (Image Comics), Steve Niles and Damien Worm’s Brynmore (IDW) and The Walking Dead Deluxe from Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard (Image Comics).

Stewart Thorndike’s Bad Things

We start this episode with a spoiler-free review of Stewart Thorndike’s new film Bad Things! This episode’s Classic Corner is Daniel Haller’s 1970 adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror. Also, Kevin Smith’s Tusk, Jennifer Lynch’s Chained, Ulli Lommel’s The Boogey Man. Plus – A lot more!!!

A Most Horrible Library Returns!

The new episode of A Most Horrible Library is up! That’s right, Chris & Shawn are back to talk all things Horror literature/comics. This week, we talk about Stephen King’s Fairy Tale , Jeff Lemire & Gabriel H. Walta’s Phantom Road, and James Tynion IV’s Bluebook. Also, a re-read of Cullen Bunn & Vanesa R. Del Rey’s The Empty Man and a lot more!

The Last Voyage of the Demeter/Meg 2 Spoiler-Free Reviews!

We do spoiler-free reviews of André Øvredal’s The Last Voyage of the Demeter & Ben Wheatley’s (!) Meg 2: The Trench. We also talk a heck of a lot about the fact that Ben Wheatley directed this new Megalodon thrill ride. Also, Tori and Anthony school the rest of us on the majesty of Stevan Mena’s Malevolence trilogy! Plus, Vinegar Syndrome’s new Blu-Ray transfer of Asia Argento’s The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things, Stephen Graham Jones’s Don’t Fear the Reaper, Shudder’s Sharksploitation doc, Kurtis David Harder’s Influencer and Spiral, and fresh assessments of Damian Mc Carthy’s Caveat & Lee Cronin’s Evil Dead Rise!

The Boogeyman Spoiler-Free Review

Spoiler-free reviews for Rob Savage’s The Boogeyman, as well as The Angry Black Girl and Her MonsterUnwelcomeThe Black DemonConsecration & Huesersa: The Bone Woman. Ray continues his deep-dive into previously unseen Horror, and Shawn relates his first finished play-through on the new Switch version of No One Lives Under the Lighthouse, as well as why he loved Ivy Tholen’s Slasher novel Tastes Like Candy.


The first part of the episode is a spoiler-free review, then with ample warning for those who haven’t seen the film yet, we go into a full-spoiler discussion of why this was so much damn fun!

Terrifier 2

As a recent convert to the Terrifier camp, Shawn sells Antony, Ray and Tori hard in Terrifier 2 with a spoiler-free reaction. Also, our spoiler-free reviews of V/H/S/99, Deadstream, Smile, Day Shift and a whole lot MORE!!!

Halloween ENDS!

WARNING!!! The first 10 minutes or so of this episode is our Spoiler-Free review/reaction to David Gordon Green’s Halloween Ends. HOWEVER, after that – and we give you ample warning – for those of you who have seen the film, we go into a full-spoiler discussion on the film.

Kevin Williamson’s SICK

Fresh from our review/discussion of David Bruckner’s Hellraiser, special guests Madison and Kenta return to help Shawn give a SPOILER-FREE review/reaction to Scream-screenwriter Kevin Williamson’s awesome new Slasher flick SICK!

Ti West’s Pearl

We start the episode with our spoiler-free reaction to Pearl – Ti West’s follow-up to X, then give you clear warnings before launching into our full-spoiler discussion. Ti West is back and he’s making some pretty amazing films! Let’s talk about it!


We start the episode with our spoiler-free reaction to Zach Cregger’s amazing new film Barbarian, then give you ample warning when we do our full-spoiler discussion. We loved this one SO very much. If you need convincing, listen to the first half and then turn this episode off, come back when you’ve basked in the glory that is BARBARIAN!!!

Glorious Gloryhole Movie Death Match

Just consider this episode the Consumer Reports of Gloryhole Horror! We watched both 2020’s The Special and 2022’s Glorious and only one movie gets out alive with our recommendation – which one? Ya gotta listen!

Also, to celebrate the winner, we give you our “worst bathroom ever” stories, plus pocket reviews of The Cursed and Titane.

Tori’s Back!!! We talk Netflix’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, more Predator, Popcorn, Silver Coin #13, Rocktober Blood, the f*&ked up films of Andrey Iskanov, plus a lot more!


We give you our spoiler-free review/reaction to Dan Trachtenberg’s PREY, the newest film in the Predator franchise that rocked HULU like no other release before. Is it worth the hype? It is, and we also give fair warning when we deepen our discussion with full spoilers. From there, we thought it’d be nice to review the new Marvel Comics’ Predator #1 that dropped recently, kicking off the Comics Giant’s first foray into the Predator-verse.

The Silver Coin Deep-Dive (Full Spoilers)

Now that the first two volumes of Michael Walsh and friends’ Amazing Horror Anthology Comic The Silver Coin are on Comic Shop Shelves, Anthony and Shawn do a full re-read on the series and go in-depth on the Silver Coin mythos. Full Spoilers! We talk about every issue, how they tie together, what characters overlap, and all our theories about the bigger picture of this wonderful Horror Opus!!!

Hatching: Spoiler-Free & Full-Spoiler Discussion

Anthony, Ray and Shawn just watched Hanna Bergholm & Ilja Rautsi’s new film Hatching in an AMC theatre at the local mall. THAT’S F’ING CRAZY!!! Let us tell you why. We start with a spoiler-free reaction/review, and clearly delineate when we’re going to go full-spoiler, so join us up top to see if this new Body Horror film is for you, then after you see it, come back for our thoughts. There’s a lot to ‘chew’ on here.

The Cellar!

I do quick, spoiler-free reviews for The Cellar, You Won’t Be Alone, and the new Brubaker/Phillips’ Reckless graphic novel, The Ghost in You.

Spoiler-Free Review: Ti West’s X

Fresh from a Saturday afternoon theatrical viewing of Ti West’s first film in 5 years, Ray and Shawn give you a quick, spoiler-free review/reaction to X. It’s awesome and we’ll tell you why you want to see it on the big screen if you can!

Mickey Keating’s Offseason

“Isolation Breeds Horror.” Indeed it does, and a recent example of this in cinema is Mickey Keating’s new film, Offseason. Starring Jocelin Donahue, Joe Swanberg, Jeremy Gardner, Richard Brake and Melora Walters, the film is an exploration of tropical southern gothic isolation Horror. Offseason hit VOD last Friday – a $6.99 rental on Prime and is playing in arthouse theatres around the country. Here’s what we thought.

Also this episode, Anthony watches monster movies with his son and finishes the Horror Space Opera game Valfaris on his Switch, and Shawn and Ray talk suggest where newcomers to New Wave French Horror begin with Shudder’s recent addition of a large part of the movements most notable films.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022!!!

We discuss the ups and downs of Fede Alvarez and David Blue Garcia’s new Texas Chainsaw Massacre from Netflix. Also, Classic Corner returns as a regular feature and we kick it off with 1960’s Eyes Without a Face. From there, it’s Image Comics’ Infidel, Vinegar Syndrome’s release of Beyond Dream’s Door, and Adam Ellis’ Dear David.

The Horror Vision Presents… Sticks & Stones: A Folk Horror Discussion

Ray and Shawn begin a new, regular adjunct series – Sticks & Stones will look at the wealth of film and literature that fall into the realm of Folk Horror, starting this week with a discussion that begins with Kier-La Janisse’s new documentary Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched (Severin Films), and continuing onto Avery Crounse’s 1983 forgotten epic Eyes of Fire and Robert Eggers’ 2016 masterpiece The Witch.

Yellowjackets Theories For the Season One Finale!- FULL SPOILERS


That’s right, we gather the week before the season one finale of Showtimes’ Yellowjackets to talk about everything we’ve seen on the show so far, our theories, observations, what we like, what we LOVE, what we wish was better. EVERYTHING.

Lamb & Titane Deep-Dive w/ Professor John Trafton

SPOILER WARNING! Ray and Shawn welcome back Seattle University Film Studies Professor John Trafton to the show to do deep-dives on Valdimar Jóhannsson’s new film Lamb and Julia Ducournau’s Titane! If you have not watched these films yet do not listen to this episode. Instead, run – don’t walk – to your local cinema, view, and return to us as we pick apart two of our favorite films of 2021!

Cineray Under Siege!

It’s time to get ready for a fight, horror fiends! In 1976, director John Carpenter released Assualt on Precinct 13 and almost single-handedly created the modern siege film. The story of a policeman with a couple of other officers, secretaries, three felons, and a hysterical man trying to keep at bay gang members who are trying to break into a closing police station in an abandoned section of Los Angeles to kill them all was groundbreaking. The gang members were a nameless, faceless threat, while the people keeping them out were charismatic and likable. The film also highlighted a characteristic that would be synonymous with the siege drama: urban blight. These films and stories would literally not be possible if the locations under siege – once functional structures occupying the heart of booming, populated areas – had not been left behind, abandoned by urban growth. Since the film was released, the genre has become a favorite subgenre within Horror (even Carpenter himself returned to it several times) so today, we are going to dive into a siege double feature with John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars and Joe Begos’ VFW

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Cineray Goes Metal!

Feeling inspired horror fiends? Anyone who has tried to create something from nothing knows your talent isn’t always enough. Sometimes, inspiration is a real bitch to come by. Whether it’s not knowing where to start, where to keep going, or even what to create. This block can happen in writing, painting, sculpting, drawing or pretty much any creative endeavor. And, if like in today’s movies, your talent as an artist also happens to be your primary source of income, then lack of inspiration is not just annoying but dangerous. In cases like this, how do you afford to eat, feed your family, or pay rent? 

But what if all these pressures could be relieved by heavy metal music and the dark and mysterious forces it purports to conjure? Well, let’s find out in today’s films, The Devil’s Candy and Bliss

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James Gunn’s Horror DNA

With the advent of the delightful The Suicide Squad, we decided to host a discussion about James Gunn’s Horror DNA. From writing the remake of Dawn of the Dead and The Belko Experiment to the super gory crowd-pleaser Slither – we even touch on Gunn’s industry beginnings with Lloyd Kaufman’s Troma! PLUS – we talk about Shawn’s new obsession with Nick Antosca’s Brand New Cherry Flavor, Scott Snyder and Scott Tuft’s Severed, Werewolves Within, The Silver Coin, and Ken Russell’s Lair of the White Worm. Plus, a lot more!

Cineray Psychosis!

Hey horror fiends! Today’s double feature is a jump into the fractured dark psyches of seemingly normal people. As we have all seen on the news, it’s always the quiet ones. Ordinary people can sometimes harbor dark and horrible secrets not visible on the surface. From feelings of weakness to an inability to heal the damage of tragic events, some people are incredibly tortured. Eventually, the damn of sanity cracks and madness seeps through, ushering in pain and violence once thought unbelievable. With this in mind, I give you today’s Cineray double feature: Prano Bailey-Bond’s new film Censor and David Lynch’s classic Lost Highway.

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Etheria Film Fest & Shawn’s Best of 2021 So Far…

Ray and Shawn go over their recent viewings, and there are A LOT of recommendations therein. From Netflix’s new Fear Street: 1994 to Ray’s impressions on this year’s Etheria Film Festival, to a succession of films Shawn is already betting will end up in his top of the year six months from now, we have a lot for you this week. Oh yeah, and there’s a totally impromptu discussion about Terminator to begin the episode. Just ‘cuz.

Deep Sea Cineray

Let’s take a deep dive today, fiends! Today’s double feature is all about monsters from deep down in the ocean. In my opinion, today’s double feature entries broke the ground for a film like last year’s Underwater to be made. That’s right, deep-sea diabolists, today’s double feature is Deep Star Six and Leviathan

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Cineray’s Freaky Sex Party!

Let’s get physical, fiends! And I’m not talking about aerobics. Nope, what I am talking about is sex! And not just sex, but freaky sex at that! 

You may ask what this has to do with horror movies. Well, when the intercourse involves a human and a non-human creature, it becomes incredibly horrific. So let’s get it started with today’s double feature of The Special and The Untamed

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Conjuring Three: The Devil Made Me Do it

We talk about the third installment in James Wan’s Conjuring series! We stay spoiler-free while we discuss what we liked, didn’t like, and how this new entry in the “Conjuring Universe” stacks up compared to the others. Also discussed: Fried Barry, Black Roses, Army of the Dead, Eve’s Bayou and The Untamed. TV-wise, we cover Little Marvin’s Them, and in comics we talk about Boom! Studio’s cinematic adaptation of Cullen Bunn’s The Empty Man, Horror Anthology The Silver Coin, and Ed Piskor’s Red Room!

Cineray Vincent Price Triple-Feature!!!

Good evening horror fiends! If you did not imagine that said in the voice of the one and only iconic Vincent Price, then get ready because this Cineray is perfect for you. But this is not a double feature recommendation; no, today I have decided this is a triple feature of my three favorite Price films. The reason for this is I could not settle on just two of his movies, and I feel like three is the limit for suggestion all in one sitting. Also, it’s been a bit since I suggested an excellent triple feature, and what better excuse than to watch the films of one of the great actors of horror. So today’s recommendation is The House on Haunted Hill, The Tingler, and The Comedy of Terrors. 

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Cineray Hits the Strip Club

Get ready for beauty with bite fiends! Strip clubs are very lascivious places where men throw their money down for sexy ladies to dance and reveal more of their bodies while alcohol is usually drunk. But what if the ladies who dance in these clubs were after more than the patrons’ wallets? What if they wanted a little more? Like, say the blood pumping through their veins, for instance. Today’s double feature is two tales of strip clubs filled with the most deadly dancers, vampires and riff-raff. The double-feature recommendation is Vamp and From Dusk Till Dawn. 

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